Public safety truck overcomes wireless interoperability problems

Australia's National Safety Agency shows off Emergency Services Integrated Communications (ESIC) truck

  • The Emergency Services Integrated Communications (ESIC) parked inside Cisco Live in Melbourne.

  • The truck can be rolled into sites for emergency and provide communications and monitoring gear for public safety.

  • The trailer is 14.8 metres long and 20m including the truck.

  • The first ESIC serves Victoria but the National Safety Agency says it plans to build many more.

  • The truck gathers a plethora of situational information, including from live video and Twitter feeds.

  • A look inside the truck. Public safety workers face a wall of displays.

  • National Safety Agency chair Des Bahr in front of the ESIC's least technological element -- a white board.

  • The displays inside the vehicle show broadcast news, 3D simulations, social media and more.

  • Public safety agencies can use 3D simulations to determine how to respond to disasters like a dam bursting.

  • HP provides the computing power for the truck.

  • Surveillance by Cisco.

  • Cisco has also supplied the phones.

  • A look at the massive computers in the back.

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