TechEd: Shots from the show floor

IT pros play with screens of all sizes at Microsoft's Gold Coast event

  • Microsoft TechEd was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre this week.

  • IT pros and developers pile in for the opening keynote. Microsoft officials spoke about the [[artnid:525334|challenge of keeping up]] with the fast pace of technology.

  • Microsoft developer evangelist Michael Kordahi tries out the new Kinect for Xbox One.

  • Welcome to the TechEd show floor.

  • There were touch screens of all sizes in the Microsoft booth.

  • This giant touch screen was 82 inches. Note how it dwarfs the full-size keyboard. While nice for presentations, Mum might not approve standing so close to the TV.

  • Packing a 41 megapixel camera, the new Nokia Lumia 1020 was the star of the Nokia booth.

  • Another shot of the Lumia 1020. Read TechEd developers' thoughts on the recent [[artnid:525579|Nokia acquisition by Microsoft here]].

  • A pile of Canon cameras.

  • Microsoft showed off Office 365 for work...

  • ...and the Xbox 360 for play.

  • Pinball machines too real but don't want to compromise on the controls? How about an all-digital version?

  • We forgot to ask why an [[xref:|arcade game from 1999|Hydro Thunder]] was at the EMC booth. Our bad.

  • Microsoft opted to quarantine the developers.

  • Many opportunities for learning at TechEd

  • Someone likes Office Space.

  • A 3D printer called the UP Plus 2 creates plastic figures.

  • Eerie, right?

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