The behind-the-scenes tech of the Australian Open

Tennis Australia partner IBM provided infrastructure to enter, store and distribute stats.

  • The Rod Laver Arena, home of grand slam tennis. Credit: Adam Bender

  • Tennis Australia CIO Samir Mahir said data analytics are critical for engaging fans and guiding coaches and players. Credit: IBM

  • IBM sponsorship strategy lead, Elizabeth O'Brien, said automatic analysis of historical and social media data power an "intelligent" cloud that can scale infrastructure as needed. Credit: IBM

  • The IBM crew inside Rod Laver Arena work in a small room beneath the bleachers. Credit: IBM

  • A display of several ongoing matches in the IBM room. Credit: IBM

  • The chair umpires use this device, nicknamed the Chump, to enter score data as the match is in progress. Credit: IBM

  • The Chump sends the data to a variety of places, including nearly 300 consoles in the media room. Credit: IBM

  • Lleyton Hewitt got in some good swings. Credit: Adam Bender

  • However, his opponent Janko Tipsarevic proved to be better player in this year's Open. Credit: Adam Bender

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