Gallery: AWS re:Invent day one keynote

Day one of Amazon's cloud conference for AWS customers

  • Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy kicked off the AWS re:Invent developers conference today. Jassy unveiled a new data-warehouse-as-a-service offering, [[artnid:443177|dubbed Redshift]], and also announced a [[artnid:443222|price cut for the cloud giant's S3 service]]. Some 6000 people are attending the two-day conference. AWS unveiled a Sydney Region [[artnid:441818|earlier this month]]. The Sydney Region launched with two Availability Zones. However Jassy has said that he expects that demand will likely lead to the cloud wing of Amazon [[artnid:441855|launching further Availability Zones in Australia the future]]. Rohan Pearce traveled to AWS re:Invent as a guest of Amazon.

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