How Icaros Desktop brings the Amiga experience to x86 PCs

Icaros Desktop is a user-friendly OS based on the open source Amiga-inspired AROS system

  • Icaros provides emulators to run a large library of old games and applications.

  • The original Amiga was renowned for its multimedia capabilities. Icaros includes multimedia players, editors and trackers.

  • Paolo Besser, mantainer of Icaros Desktop.

  • There are no Microsoft Office-like applications available for AROS; however the browser, OWB, supports Google Docs.

  • Icaros' shows off its task management capabilities.

  • Although the OWB browser doesn't support HTML5 video or Flash, you can still access YouTube videos.

  • The default Workbench-like screen of Icaros Desktop.

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