In pictures: Vocus rolls out fibre cable across Sydney Harbour

Fibre laying set to improve connection speeds between central business district and Gore Hill

  • The fibre laying in progress at Dawes Point.

  • A diver secures part of the fibre cable.

  • Fish eye view from the barge which laid the cable.

  • The optical fibre cable being anchored at Dawes Point.

  • A total of 1.6 kilometres of fibre cable was laid from Dawes Point in Sydney’s CBD to Milsons Point in North Sydney, and from Dawes Point to Blues Point.

  • Vocus chief executive, James Spenceley, talks about the cable project at Ripples restaurant.

  • Vocus fibre general manager of operations, Alex West, (left) with Vocus chief executive, James Spenceley.

  • Close up of the optical fibre cable.

  • Workers capture the moment as the fibre laying continues.

  • Cross section of the cable.

  • The links are designed to decrease connection latencies between Sydney’s central business district and the ASX data centre in Gore Hill.

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