In pictures: HP's Aurora data centre

Vendor opens 134,000 square metre facility in West Sydney

  • HP enterprise services South Pacific vice president, Alan Bennett, outside Aurora in West Sydney, Australia.

  • Exterior of the 134,000 square metre facility.

  • A ground view of the ventilation system.

  • On the roof of Aurora. The ventilation system is visible in the background.

  • Interior shot showing rack spaces.

  • Aerial view of the facility showing road access.

  • Inside cell one. The site has capacity for five cells. Each of the five cells will be 2,500 square metres - more than nine tennis courts per cell.

  • All roads lead to Aurora.

  • A walk through the rack space area.

  • Close up showing the air conditioning units. The facility features air to air heat exchangers for the IT cells, designed to reduce the data centre's carbon footprint.

  • Bird's eye view of Aurora in West Sydney.

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