Amazing NASA photos of the Venus transit

Photos from the transit of Venus between the Sun and the Earth

  • The transit of Venus has provided an amazing opportunity for images as it passes between the Earth and the Sun. NASA has taken some stunning images of the second planet from the Sun during the transit. There won't be another sight like this one until 2117, as it only happens every 105 or 121 years. This image is of Venus approaching the Sun and was captured by the satellite of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Credit: NASA/SDO, AIA

  • Another image of Venus before the transit, captured by the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SOHO

  • This is another image captured by the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory. Credit: NASA

  • The view from the International Space Station as Venus passes in front of the Sun. Credit: NASA

  • Not a NASA image this time. This image was shot in San Francisco by Flickr user trophygeek (

  • Another stunning image as the planet approaches transit. Credit: NASA/SDO, AIA

  • That's no moon! It's, er, a planet. Credit: NASA

  • I'm out of Star Wars jokes now. Credit: NASA

  • The path of Venus across the Sun. I should probably insert something about heavenly bodies and celestial majesty; or another Star Wars joke. Credit: NASA/SDO, HMI

  • Another image by trophygeek (

  • This image was shot by Alex Polezhaev (

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