In pictures: High tech at the Australian Open

A look at IBM’s hardware powering the Grand Slam tennis

  • The IT operations room underneath Rod Laver arena in Melbourne.

  • Tennis Australia chief information officer, Samir Mahir, explains how the company is using scoring and analysis tool SlamTracker.

  • A monitor can show up to eight matches, and the relevant data, at any one time.

  • IBM staff hard at work monitoring Web traffic and data results from the Australian Open.

  • One match can also be analysed using the entire monitor.

  • Multiple screens help IT staff members keep track of tennis games occuring at the same time.

  • A monitor indicates the amount of capacity in IBM's three US-based data centres where the private Cloud is hosted.

  • The media room where over 500 journalists have access to SlamTracker.

  • An IBM staff member readies the demonstration of SlamTracker.

  • IBM US project manager, Patrick Childress.

  • IBM's staff travel the world providing support during other tennis events including the US Open.

  • IBM technology will analyse the results of 256 tennis matches during the two week event.

  • A number of servers are needed to crunch the data generated during the Australian Open.

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