In pictures: A tour of McAfee's 'war room'

The security vendor shows off its executive briefing centre in Santa Clara, California

  • McAfee executive briefing centre senior manager, Stacey Milligan, (right) chats with other staff members in the telepresence room.

  • A second shot of the projection room with McAfee's server room on the right hand side.

  • The executive briefing room in Santa Clara, California, where McAfee staff meet with customers and hold demonstrations.

  • The touchscreen projection wall and table top surface where customers can check the security levels of their own websites by typing in the URL address. Green is a good sign while red means there is a major problem.

  • Panel displays show the latest threats identifed by lab staff. Android and Apple iOS malware flashed up during the media tour.

  • A timeline exhibit dating back to 1987 when the company was founded.

  • Inside the war room where staff monitor the latest incoming security threats. It is also used to conduct press interviews, most recently when the vendor released information about the Shady Rat compromise.

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