Best Android apps for fitness

Burn fat with our top workout apps for Android

  • [[xref:|Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro]]

    With in-built GPS support, Endomondo’s latest app allows users to compete against friends while playing sports and integrates with Polar’s heart-rate monitors to give an accurate reading of how many calories have been burnt. It also has a handy Facebook feature that sends details of your workout to your profile. [Some of us prefer to not know just how unfit we are compared to our Facebook friends — Ed.]
  • [[xref:|CardioTrainer]]

    Long touted as being the best app for gym junkie Android users, the free CardioTrainer takes the regular fitness app to the next level by estimating the calories you burn while doing activities including running, weights and even roller skating. CardioTrainer Pro, available for $9.65 from the Android Market, incorporates a weight loss component and GPS tracking, giving users reminders for scheduled workouts.
  • [[xref:|Coretastic]]

    If the extent of your core workout is limited to doing a few crunches, Coretastic will expand your repertoire to include oblique work, leg crunches and squats, with helpful videos attached to each type of exercise to guide you through tricky moves. It is available for $2.89 from the Android Market.
  • [[xref:|Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary]]

    This app takes the success of the Weight Watchers program and bundles it into and all-in-one diet and exercise tool that is easily accessed on your smartphone. The app has the ability to scan barcodes from food items to keep your calorie count under control and integrates Australian PointsPlus. It is available for $4.56.
  • [[xref:|C25K]]

    C25K, more commonly known as Couch to 5K, is aimed at getting couch potatoes up and running. The app, until recently exclusive to the iPhone, is aimed at helping users build their running strength over nine weeks. The app is available from the market for $2.89.
  • [[xref:|MySportTraining]]

    If you don’t know your bicep from your tricep, MySportTraining could be the app for you. The app, which has a visual muscle chart, allows you to pick and choose areas of your body that you want to train, and can sync with your PC so you can access your stats when your smartphone isn’t close by. It is available for $3.85.
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