In pictures: AusCERTers speedily debate key issues

The final session of AusCERT addressed some interesting problems in the security space

  • The final session of [[xref:|AusCERT 2011]] was hosted by comedian Adam Spencer and addressed a number of major security issues the industry is facing.

  • Each presenter presented a one minute speech either for or against the provided statement, with each discussion topic voted by the audience of security and IT managers through a website on their mobile devices.

  • Panel members included Ross Anderson from Cambridge University, Glen Gooding from IBM, Karl Hanmore from CERT Australia, Eugene Kaspersky, Alastair MacGibbon from the University of Canberra, Scott McIntyre from Telstra, Marcus Sachs from Verizon, Eddie Schwartz from RSA and Maarten van Horenbeek from Microsoft.

  • The first topic for debate centred around Facebook as the benchmark for good security. Some 77 per cent of the audience disagreed.

  • The second topic was whether internet service providers needed mandatory regulation to protect the privacy of their users’ internet traffic.

  • The third topic, 'PKI has failed', had 33 per cent of the audience disagree, while 53 per cent of the audience agreed with the notion that compliance and regulation promotes good security.

  • 'Securing the internet is now a national security and defence issue' was the fourth topic of debate, with 68 per cent of the audience disagreeing with the statement.

  • The final topic was that website owners should be financially liable for damage caused by hosting malicious code. A substantial 62 per cent of the audience opined that the statement was incorrect.

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