Profile: AT&T Williams' Rubens Barrichello on technology and Formula 1

Technology central to Formula 1 racing but don't tell AT&T Williams' Rubens Barrichello that he drives a computer on wheels

  • AT&T Williams' 2011 car at testing in Barcelona, Spain.

  • AT&T Williams' Rubens Barrichello.

  • Ruben's Venezuelan-born AT&T Williams team-mate, Pastor Maldonado.

  • The 2011 prototype car has as many as 200 sensors sending back data on everything from oil pressure to tyre performance to gear changes to aerodynamics.

  • The race season car has as many as 150 sensors and creates as much as 27GB worth of data during a racing long weekend.

  • Sine 1993 Rubens' steering wheel has gone from one button -- to control the radio -- to 26 buttons and is now more akin to PC keyboard.

  • Rubens says high-end driving simulators have come a long way but are no substitute for real experience.

  • All Formula 1 cars must use an encrypted radio signal provided by the the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, or FIA, to transmit all data and voice communications.

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