In pictures: NICTA Future Logistics Living Lab opening

A lab designed to help the transport industry develop green technology was unveiled in Sydney this week

  • Casella Wines' Yellow Tail display in the lab. The winery has signed on to conduct research into tracking wine shipments.

  • A NICTA staff member begins the TruckOn prototype demonstration using radio controlled models.

  • Conrad Poepke and Uwe Kylau from SAP Research with Peter Blanchard from Tradegate.

  • Karsten Schulz from SAP Research. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, SAP provided financial backing.

  • NICTA's Dr Neil Temperley inside the lab.

  • Dieter Rombach from the Fraunhofer Institute. The German research organisation provided financial backing to NICTA for the lab.

  • Linfox CEO Michael Byrne. The logistics company has signed on to develop technology such as the TruckOn prototype which warns truck drivers of roading hazards.

  • Situated in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, the lab is designed for the transport industry and research companies to work together on logistics offerings such as reducing carbon emissions and road congestion.

  • SAP Research members Wasim Sadiq and Glenn Neuber.

  • Ericsson staff members discuss network to network technology which the company is developing in the Living Lab.

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