In pictures: NICTA Techfest 2011

Bionic eyes, wireless mesh networks feature at National ICT Australia's annual IT research/ innovation exhibition

  • Some of the 500 delegates in attendance.

  • A close up of the BrainGauge system.

  • Retinal implant equipment in demonstration.

  • NICTA held its annual research and innovation event, Techfest, in Sydney this week bringing together members of the IT and scientific community.

  • Human performance improvement stand showing devices which will collect and monitor biometric data.

  • Wireless mesh networks. These will provide first responders and public safety agencies with more flexible communications.

  • A demonstration of BrainGauge which will support human computer interfaces. This is meant to support decision making for human users.

  • Human implant systems. There are estimates that one in five Australians will suffer a period of chronic pain druing their lifetime. It is developing implantable therapies to help people.

  • NICTA is a member of research consortium Bionic Vision Australia (BVA), which is developing a retinal implant to helpd people see with eye degeneration see again.

  • Close up of the proposed human implant systems.

  • NICTA's solar powered vehicle.

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