Six apps for love and romance this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching in mere days, Computerworld Australia has compiled a list of six iPhone applications to help you make your special someone feel loved. Thank us later.

  • [[xref:|Country Living Treemail|iTunes App Store: Country Living Mail]]

    Users will be able to ‘carve’ customised messages, such as love notes, initials or favourite quotes onto a virtual tree and email them to their sweetheart, family and friends. This app is available for 99 cents on iOS 3.0 or higher.
  • [[xref:|Hipstamatic|iTunes App Store: Hipstamatic]]

    With this app, users will be able to take digital photos with an old-school, romantic vibe using their iPhones. Users can choose from vignettes, blurring, over saturation or discoloured images to create a seemingly romanticised, accidental feel to snapshots. With the swipe of a finger, users can swap lenses, film and flash settings, and upload images directly to Facebook, Flickr or email them to friends and family. This app is available for $1.99 on iOS 3.1 or higher, with additional camera gear bundled within the app as 'Hipstapaks' for 99 cents.
  • [[xref:|Urbanspoon|iTunes App Store: Urbanspoon]]

    Don’t know where to wine and dine your special someone? Get the Urbanspoon app and with a simple shake of your iPhone, your device will make the decision for you. Some of the app’s other features include:
    • GPS to find a restaurant near you
    • Filter places to eat by neighbourhood, cuisine and price
    • Search and browse local restaurants
    • See a list of all nearby eateries
    • Compare restaurant picks with your friends
    • Read ratings and reviews from newspapers, bloggers and fellow diners
    This app is available for free on iOS 4.0 or higher.
  • [[xref:|101 Valentine’s Gifts|iTunes App Store: 101 Valentine’s Gifts]]

    Stuck on ideas of what to get your Valentine? Then this app might be able to help you overcome those gifting roadblocks. 101 Valentine’s Gifts features more than a hundred present ideas for you to choose from, for both romantics who are on budget or those willing splash some cash. Narrow your search down by choosing from a number of categories, such as “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” for those with empty pockets, where suggestions include making a playlist for your loved one or make a ‘memory collage’ with your old photos together. This app is available for 99 cents on iOS 4.0 or higher.
  • [[xref:|Valentine’s Hearts|iTunes App Store: Valentine’s Hearts]]

    Instead of sending your loved ones a physical, tangible card, why not send them a Valentine’s heart (read: e-card for iPhones)? This app will allow you to do the following three things:
    1. Shake or tap your iPhone to see and hear 3000 of the most popular random messages and sound combinations or;
    2. Create your own custom heart with a personalised message or;
    3. Cross off the days until V-Day with the countdown option.
    This app is available for 99 cents on iOS 4.0.
  • [[xref:|Say I Love you|iTunes App Store: Say I Love You]]

    Impress your Valentine by learning to say those three special words in a number of different languages. You can either select “I love you” in the language you want or shake your iPhone for a random one, and then send them out via SMS. If you like one in a particular language, Japanese for example (aishiteru), you can also mark it as a favourite for next time. This app is available for free on iOS 4.0 or higher.
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