Mobile mesh network finds interest in NGOs

Australian Red Cross enthusiastic about options presented by mesh telephony

  • The chipset used in a mesh networking payload deployed by hot air balloon to provide greater coverage to surrounding, capable mobiles. (Credit: Rob Thomas/@xrobau)

  • And it's off! (Credit: Rob Thomas/@xrobau)

  • The first Android phone, an HTC Dream is largely used to run the experimental software.

  • The balloon almost ready to go... (Credit: Rob Thomas/@xrobau)

  • A hot air balloon was launched following Gardner-Stephen's presentation as a second demo. (Credit: Rob Thomas/@xrobau)

  • Participants work out how best to attach the payload. (Credit: Rob Thomas/@xrobau)

  • The balloon is launched to fanfare. The balloon can be tracked publicly. (Credit: Rob Thomas/@xrobau)

  • Flinders University fellow and Serval co-founder, Paul Gardner-Stephen, demonstrates mobile mesh networking

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