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Our round-up of intriguing new products from Cisco, M86, Crosscheck, among others.

  • Our round-up of intriguing new products from Cisco, M86, Crosscheck, among others.

  • Product name: Secure Web Gateway v10 Key features: The M86 Secure Web Gateway is a unified Web security appliance. It protects midsize and large organizations from dynamic malware using real-time analysis technology. Through policy enforcement and granular Web controls, it enables organizations to manage productivity, reduce data breach risks and access Web 2.0 applications safely. New features include the hybrid cloud option, integration with enterprise-class security reporting, dynamic Web repair and granular social media control technologies.
  • Product: AppDynamics 3.0 Key features: AppDynamics 3.0. is designed for Java applications in cloud, virtual and hybrid environments. Features include new standards for cloud application performance management, production memory leak monitoring and root cause diagnostics.
  • Product: FraudMAP Version 4 Key features: With FraudMAP Version 4, Guardian Analytics debuts a new SaaS delivery model for financial institutions in need of sophisticated fraud prevention, advances its proven behavioral analytics capabilities, adds features to simplify fraud investigations, and offers new flexible packages to match budget and feature needs. FraudMAP is easy and fast to deploy and requires minimal IT resources. With FraudMAP Version 4, institutions of all sizes benefit from the holistic online fraud protection they need to address the growing threat of online banking cyber crime and avoid millions of dollars of losses.
  • Product: Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 5585-X Key features: ASA 5585-X in four new models supports high-end firewall/VPN plus intrusion-prevention system at speeds up to 20Gbps, with 10,000 VPN connections and 350,000 connections per second.
  • Product: Xsigo XMS 3.0 and Xsigo I/O Director Key features: XMS 3.0 is a new management tool that automates deployment and configuration of server connectivity for thousands of servers. A second product, the new version of Xsigo I/O Director, offers 40Gbps server connectivity and will be available in December.
  • Product name: Fall 2010 release Key features: The Fall 2010 release of's IT service management SaaS application has new features for runbook automation, software development life-cycle management, and salesforce automation.
  • Product name: AnyConnect 3.0 Key features: Latest version of Cisco's "always-on" security client software for IPSec-based VPN, in addition to SSL, 802.1X and now 802.1AE MACsec support for access-layer encryption to access switch, can run on mobile devices, including Windows Mobile, and Apple iPhone.
  • Product name: DroboPro FS Key features: Building on the success the Drobo FS, Data Robotics delivers the big brother: DroboPro FS. With more capacity, speed, connectivity options, and automated data backup, the DroboPro FS continues to deliver the best file sharing experience ever. The DroboPro FS is perfect for any small office, home office, or a media rich connected home needing a simple, safe device for sharing and backing up files over the network. Further pricing: Starting price of $1,999 and multiple configurations to $3,299 for a 16TB bundle.
  • Product name: Index Engines 3.3 Key features: Enterprise discovery platform was updated with automated restart for LAN indexing and backup tape extraction, "to ensure uninterrupted collection of electronically stored information," and deduplication across multiple Index systems.
  • Product name: eTIPS v3.5 and OnGuard Agents Key features: Avenda's eTIPS v3.5 AAA and NAC platform, and new Avenda OnGuard endpoint agents deliver enhanced network access security for wireless, wired and VPN networks. Supports identity-based user and device authentication.
  • Product name: Syncplicity Business Edition Key features: Syncplicity Business Edition combines Mac support, newsfeeds and an IT console for centralized administration. Full synchronization, backup, and file sharing for Macs, PCs, file servers, and cloud applications like Google Docs. Further pricing info: Syncplicity Business Edition starts at $45 per month or $540 per year for the first three users, and $15 per month for each additional user. Unlimited users, storage and devices are supported. A free 30-day trial of Syncplicity for up to 25 users is available. A free version of Syncplicity Personal Edition can be downloaded.
  • Product name: Simpana 9.0 Key features: Simpana 9 solves real-world IT challenges with major technology advancements including increased virtualization scalability and performance, integrated source and target data deduplication, automatic and transparent integration with hardware array-based snapshots, as well as "Fast Pass" Simpana 9 software migration.
  • Product name: Veeam Monitor 5.0 Key features: New features include dashboards with drill-down into performance metrics, scalability to monitor several hundred ESX(i) hosts from a single installation, and full support for VMware vSphere 4.1. Further pricing info: A free version and a "Plus" version are also available.
  • Product name: CSS 2.5 Key features: CSS 2.5 (Customer Service Support) software features a new SLA/SLM module to help customer service departments measure and improve service delivery, Live Chat capabilities and other tools to better manage the service desk. Further pricing: a free edition is available for departments handling less than 100 service requests per month.
  • Product name: Pano System 3.5 Key features: Pano System 3.5 adds Microsoft Hyper-V Support alongside VMware, creating the only hypervisor-indifferent desktop virtualization platform, allowing users to make changes on the back end without having to buy new devices
  • Product name: DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center Key features: DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center is the first full-featured, flexible platform for defining and automating the delivery and management of on-demand IT services on a shared multi-tenant private or public cloud infrastructure
  • Product name: NitroView 8.5 Key features: NitroView enables critical infrastructure operators to log, analyze and correlate security events across their entire infrastructure – from Ethernet-connected networks to serially connected elements like process line controllers and remote terminal units.
  • Product name: Forum Sentry v8.0 Key features: Sentry ensures secure extension of enterprise SOA deployments to the public cloud. Integrated Cloud Adaptors enable dynamic provisioning, auto scaling and load balancing across multiple cloud providers including Amazon EC2, OpSource Cloud, GoGrid and Rackspace.
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