CeBIT 2010's weirdest doodads and gadgets

Here's some of the weirdest things that are being showcased at CeBIT this year

  • DNA Property Marker by DNA Security Solutions

    We're not far off from marking our stuff like the Cat from Red Dwarf. The Property Marker by DNA Security Solutions allows you to spray your stuff with a clear lacquer of unique bio-synthetic DNA, marking it as yours. This solution stays on for up to six weeks and spreads when wiped with a wet cloth.
  • topSPEECH-Lydia by topVOX This cool little number is a voice-picking system for warehouses made by German company, topSPEECH. It comes with a nifty headset and a really stylish belt-pack. topVOX is showcasing its software for the system at CeBIT this year.

  • Multifunctional laptop table by Leadfar

    Can't handle the heat from your laptop? Perhaps you would prefer that it went on your desk? Leadfar's multifunctional laptop table is a portable little table that goes on top of your desk. It includes a USB cooling pad which props the laptop up and includes a mouse pad for your point-and-click needs. The manufacturer also makes a range of other odd devices, including a toothbrush sanitiser and vertebrae tractor.
  • Bionic Eye by NICTA

    The bionic eye isn't quite a reality yet, but the technology behind the implants are being showcased at NICTA's stall at CeBIT this year. The device aims to recover lost vision in individuals with macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa by electrically stimulating the retina. NICTA's also showing off its communication analysis software, which is intended to help train doctors in doctor-patient communications.
  • Wireless Weather System by SEBINE Technology

    Korean company, SEBINE Technology, actually sells RF hardware and brought this doodad with them to demonstrate their technology's capabilities. SEBINE Technology CEO, Park Gwang-Seok, was pleasantly surprised when other vendors showed more interest in his weather station than his modems.
  • Beetle TF card reader by Shenzhen Wanfang Hi-Tech Co. Ltd

    This cute little fella, courtesy of Shenzhen Wanfang Hi-Tech Co. Ltd, reads and writes micro SD cards. The design is simple: Just press the open button to pop his little wings open and then slot in your card (up to 4GB supported) for high speed reading and writing. Watch out for other things at his manufacturer's stall, including environmentally friendly silicon flash drives, energy meters, thermostats and notebook recorders.
  • The Putting Mentor by Puttist Co. Ltd.

    The ultimate way of ensuring your golf game goes smoothly, Puttist is a little device that can be used to improve your game by offering putting "target missions" and self-motivated training. The device apparently also recognises different types of putters and traces golf balls to help correct your aim.
  • Ear Bone by GD Tech

    If you're looking for a nifty new pair of headphones, this might be the device for you. GD Tech's bone conduction headphones transmit sound directly to the cochlea through the tympanic membrane, reducing stress on the ear and also allowing people with conductive hearing loss to hear sounds fully. GD Tech also makes hearing aids and antibacterial phones with their technology. Other products in their range include the "Wave Bone", "Aqua Bone" and the oddly named "We Bone".
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