In pictures: April Fools jokes for 2010

April Fools has (thankfully) come and gone for another year. Here are some of our picks.

  • [[xref:|BMW]] BMW underground GPS

  • [[xref:|Sophos blog]] Sexy Romances distract hackers from data theft, Sophos research proves

  • [[xref:|Final Fantasy]] Final Fantast VII heading to Nintendo DS

  • [[xref:|Google Australia blog]] Google Maps Just Got OCCA

  • [[xref:|Mumbrella]] Kyle Sandilands to be ABC’s new face of current affairs

  • [[xref:|Mumbrella]] April Fool: Secret government plan to tax Twitter

  • [[xref:|Skyscanner]] Spacetravel.

  • [[xref:|Sloshspot]] Survey Finds Rollerblading is Manliest Sport

  • [[xref:|A National Road Network Filter]]

  • [[xref:|Herald Sun]] See-through drunk tank proposal to shame louts

  • [[xref:|Google UK]] Google translate for animals

  • [[xref:|Brisbane Times]] Toll plan for Kurilpa Bridge

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