In pictures: Orion VSAT satellite receives nod for telecoms excellence

Kundu II project brings voice and data to Papua New Guinea

  • Orion needed a specialised service and project implementation plan to overcome communications difficulties in Papua New Guinea. The company deployed an integrated satellite voice and data communications system to 89 Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Police Stations. The Constabulary must manage and maintain the systems locally, so they were actively involved in the implementation.

  • Kundu II has helped overcome some major communications barriers in Papua New Guinea, including managing the safety of personnel, the logistics of moving people and equipment through jungles and across mountain ranges and limited local exposure to integrated satellite solutions.

  • In addition to the deployment, the Constabulary will install and maintain the systems. Commanders in Port Moresby and regional centres can now reliably and permanently communicate with remote police stations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • The project has also resulted in a reduction in conflict with land owners over tower construction near villages and the ability to maintain communications during frequent power failures by powering the communications equipment from a low voltage generator.

  • The Kundu II Project is an initiative by Western Australian commercial VSAT satellite provider, Orion. The project is a tailored communications solution supporting law enforcement activities in Papua New Guinea. The project, which has been named as a finalist in the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTA), uses Hughes terminals supported by Orion’s dedicated Hughes Satellite Earth Station located in Bayswater, Western Australia.

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