CloudCamp Sydney in pictures

Photos from Sydney's second CloudCamp unconference

  • Local organisers: James Rabey from Expanz, Ben Kepes from Cloud Camp and Samuel Yeats from Ultra Serve. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • CloudCamp lets people exchange ideas and issues about cloud computing. The format - a series of open discussions by end-users, IT professionals and vendors - was developed by Dave Nielsen and is based loosely on the Open Spaces Technology concept and FOO Camp events. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • CloudCamps are now held all around the world, including Chicago, London, Canada and New Zealand. The next Australian event will be held in Melbourne in April. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • Sydney's second CloudCamp was held at the Australian Technology Park. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • Greg Willis from Microsoft gives a five-minute 'lighting talk'. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • James Rabey from Expanz gives a 'lightning talk' - a five minute talk on cloud computing issues. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • Lightening talk from Adam Ginsburg, IBM. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • LIghtening talk from Jonathong Kerkin, gen-i. Photo: Geoff Mallinson

  • Lightening talk from Clayton Brown, Photo: Geoff Mallinson

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