AFACT v iiNet: IN PICTURES - victory outside the Federal Court

iiNet emerged victorious after allegations of copyright infringement were thrown out

  • iiNet managing director Michael Malone speaks with colleagues outside Federal Court before this morning's decision.

  • A small media gathering waits for AFACT and iiNet to arrive.

  • Internet Industry Association (IIA) chief Peter Coroneos emerges from Federal Court. The IIA provided legal advice for iiNet throughout the case.

  • Coroneos tells a throng of media the decision favouring iiNet is a "victory" for Australian ISPs.

  • Coroneos answers questions from media

  • iiNet managing director Michael Malone tells media he is relieved at the outcome of the case.

  • Malone is swamped by media, but recognised that the plaintiff, Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), felt compelled to combat the problem of copyright infringement

  • Malone said the ISP will need time to digest the decision and the prospect of a High Court appeal

  • AFACT executive director Neil Gane

  • But he says he'll hold off the temptation of celebratory beers until the decision is fully discussed.

  • AFACT executive director Neil Gane (left) leaves Federal Court after a breif statement.

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