IDC Trendwatch: Data Centres

Latest figures on the Australian data centre landscape

  • 2009 priorities for Australian data centres
    * Consolidation/server virtualisation to create more space - 15%
    * Invest in better management and/or automation tools - 11%
    * Enhance power provisioning in the data centre - 8%
    * Install better cooling systems to reduce the operating temperature - 5%
    * Deploy solutions to measure and reduce power consumption in the data centre - 1%
    * Redesign/rebuild existing data centre or build new data centre - 2%
    * Consider outsourcing/colocating some or all of my data centre - 4%
    * Other - 53%

  • Has the global economic situatioin caused your organisation to take any of the following actions concerning your data centre?
    * Postpone plans to redesign or build a new data centre
    * Increase consolidation or virtualisation efforts
    * Outsource some or all of the data centre needs
    * Spend less on servers and/or storage
    * Invest in solutions that drive down the ongoing * operational cost of the data centre
    * Invest in solutions that drive down the capital expenditure of the data centre
    * Look at pay-per-use models such as software-as-a-service to reduce costs

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