Five tools to prevent energy waste in the data center

These products will make the data center more efficient by reducing power usage of existing hardware

  • Upsite's snap-in blanking panel provides a seal that prevents migration of equipment exhaust air from the hot aisle to the cold aisle, and helps identify hotspots to optimize use of cooling.

  • D-Link's Gigabit Switch reduces data center energy consumption by automatically detecting a device's link status and reducing the power usage of ports that are not in use.

  • Strapped for cash? The nonprofit Green Grid developed a free online tool to help determine how much outside air can be used to cool the data center. The online calculator uses your zip code, local energy costs, and IT and facility loads to determine how much can be saved by using outside air (which is free, after all) and water-side economizers.

  • Data centers are filled with power-hungry racks of storage and servers, but many products and services are capable of reducing the power usage of existing IT equipment. Here are five tools to help data centers stop wasting energy.

  • Sentilla's software continuously monitors electricity use of servers, storage, routers and other equipment. This allows it to predict future consumption patterns, identify equipment using unusually high amounts of energy, and adjust the power load when it is outside desired conditions.

  • EnergyWise, software added onto Cisco's Catalyst switches and routers, measures and reduces energy consumption across the data center by monitoring routers, switches and devices such as IP phones, wireless access points and PCs, and then taking action based upon current power use.

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