Memorable computer ads of the '80s and early '90s

Computerworld trawled through the archives to find some of the more memorable IT ads of the 80s and early 90s

  • His muscles only appear so large because his pants are so tight!

  • 48K buffer memory - alright!

  • I.O. Peripheries PT15: Very Australian

  • The carry bag for this could double as a suitcase

  • NEC's 1981 Brain PC

  • Warning: Dont make the Wong decision

  • The good old days when mobile phones required gun holsters and neck braces!

  • Holy Motherboard Batman!

  • And they still aren't talking!

  • Microsoft dissing Mac, old habits die hard!

  • Dumb Terminals: Pretty smart back in 1981

  • Insert Pentium here!

  • $11,000: Quite a deal in 1992

  • 12MHz of blistering processing speed, and fits in your car boot!

  • Is that a graphics card in your hand?...

  • Dot matrix printers: From a time far, far away

  • Inside the Mac: watch out for a whopping 128K of RAM!

  • Step into the 80s with Prime Computer

  • Office gymnastics

  • 486: 1992's computing equivalent of a Formula One car

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