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  • Riverbed wins 7-vendor WAN optimization test

    As applications move to the cloud, network managers are seeing increasing requirements to optimize and manage WAN connections. Most enterprises have migrated to web-based applications and make heavy use of Internet services for day-to-day business. All of this makes network performance a key factor for productivity and end-user satisfaction.

    11 Nov. 13 12:13 Written by Joel Snyder
  • How to tell if your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn efforts are paying off

    As businesses make more use of social networks, the number of engagement, analysis and monitoring tools has exploded. Enterprises are trying to understand their return on social media investments, to find out if their Twitter and Facebook marketing campaigns are actually delivering customers. They want to track social mentions across multiple networks and be responsive to both kudos and complaints.

    25 March 13 13:51 Written by David Strom
  • 4 Bluetooth speakers: Mono colors with stereo sound

    Even the most high-end smartphones and tablets today still have less-than-stellar speakers. We test four mobile Bluetooth speakers to see how they can improve your sound.

    22 March 13 11:09 Written by Barbara Krasnoff
  • Web-based conferencing comes of age

    As more people telecommute, having a reliable way to connect via desktop video conferencing takes on greater importance. And for employees working in the office, Web-based meetings are a cheaper and less time consuming alternative to business travel.

    22 Oct. 12 13:41 Written by David Strom
  • How we tested Web-based conferencing services

    We set up a variety of meetings on each of the services and then connected via different desktops, browsers, and mobile clients to see how each displayed the meeting content and handled the audio connection.

    22 Oct. 12 04:48 Written by David Strom
  • Review: 6 free email servers for small business

    Even as social networking continues to gain in popularity, email remains the undisputed workhorse of messaging, far eclipsing all other forms of electronic communication. Email administration can be a costly function, especially for small to midsized organizations, and many administrators are looking for alternatives to enterprise-sized (and priced) commercial products.

    17 Sept. 12 14:14 Written by Susan Perschke
  • How to Choose a Mail Server

    Choosing a mail server is never an easy task. Email management itself is a complex endeavor, and this is reflected in the wide variety of tools we choose to create, edit, send, organize and reply to the vast numbers of email messages that crisscross the globe on a daily basis.

    17 Sept. 12 11:48 Written by Susan Perschke
  • Microsoft Lync 2010: Unified communications comes of age

    Every once in a very long while, I get to review a product that strikes me as a stepping stone toward the future. Microsoft Lync 2010 combines instant messaging, VoIP calling, live meetings, and videoconferencing, but it's more than the sum of these parts. Although Lync integrates with almost any PBX, it puts the PC at the center of communications so effectively that it could send your current phone system packing.

    21 April 11 01:27 Written by Brian Chee
  • Web conferencing evolves

    World and economic conditions combined with technological advancements continue to alter the business-travel landscape.

    12 May 05 10:36 Written by Mike Heck
  • SIP PBXes stake a claim

    SIP works. Not only does it work, but it is easier to use, implement, and configure than older VOIP standards.

    05 May 05 12:05 Written by Brian Chee and Wayne Rash

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