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  • Decision on world’s largest radio telescope imminent

    Next month, the Australasian SKA Consortium is likely to find out whether Australia and New Zealand will host the Square Kilometre Array — the world’s biggest radio telescope.

    12 Jan. 12 13:50 Written by Georgina Swan
  • Interview with online prankster, David Thorne

    David Thorne doesn’t believe in sacred cows. But as a marketing designer, there are lines to be toed and defined boundaries of creativity. So he created the virtual playground [[xref:|27b/6]], where nothing and nobody is safe; co-workers, landlords, police officers and his son and his school’s “fat-headed” chancellor are sufficient comedic fodder. He blends merciless wit with shock humour and has won a bet that he can make a viral blog at a drop of a hat. He also has the word ‘SHEEP’ tattooed on his bicep.

    22 March 10 12:56 Written by Darren Pauli
  • How do they do IT? Avatar's special effects

    The motion picture, Avatar, is breaking box office records around the world, redefining the cinematic experience along the way. So how does the IT work?

    13 Jan. 10 14:39 Written by Georgina Swan

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