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  • Toyota to produce a self-driving car by 2020

    Toyota has been testing a new automated driving test vehicle called Highway Teammate, with the aim of launching related products by around 2020.

    08 Oct. 15 00:04 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Exclusive: Q&A with Defence CTO, Matt Yannopoulos

    Computerworld Australia got the chance to meet and chat with Department of Defence chief technical officer, Matt Yannopoulos, on the state of ICT reform within the department, the opportunity for consumer applications on the warfield and the difficulty of finding the right ICT personnel for the agency.

    08 Oct. 10 11:54 Written by James Hutchinson
  • How to: Build a PC

    These days, it’s fairly obvious that owning a PC is necessary, not only for business purposes, but for day-to-day life. Who could survive without one? It is with this mind that we provide you with a step-by-step guide, created by <i>IDG News Service’s</i> Nick Barber, on how exactly to build a PC.

    08 July 10 13:05 Written by Nick Barber
  • Video: FetchTV's user interface demoed

    iiNet chief technology officer, Greg Bader, recently showed off the user interface for the upcoming FetchTV Internet protocol television (IPTV) device, which the ISP will be offering outside of regular monthly data quotas.

    06 July 10 15:27 Written by Renai LeMay
  • iPad apps: A sneak peek

    Let the iPad app cavalcade begin. Amazon showed off a Kindle iPad app Monday vowing to bring its e-reader and e-bookstore to the iPad.

    26 March 10 07:49 Written by Ian Paul
  • Education: How do they do IT?

    If there's one program that encapsulates all of the technologies currently offered by the NSW Department of Education, it's the xsel Western NSW Region Selective School.

    22 March 10 16:13 Written by James Hutchinson
  • Chrome aims to steal some iPad thunder

    Fresh off the unveiling of Apple's iPad tablet PC, we have a whole new batch of tablet rumors--this time regarding a Google Chrome-based tablet device. The Chromium Project, the core behind the development of the Chrome operating system. Has released a number of mockups and early concepts regarding what a Chrome-based tablet PC might be.

    03 Feb. 10 10:48 Written by Tony Bradley
  • Gadgets to help you lose weight

    Vowing to lose weight is the New Year's Resolution that most of us make, and most of us break. But now technology is here to help, with several gadgets, Web sites and iPhone and other mobile device apps that aim to keep you on track. Here are a bunch of our favorite methods for losing weight through the magic of technology.

    15 Jan. 10 12:46 Written by Keith Shaw

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