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  • Technology of the Year 2015: The best hardware and software of the year

    Like InfoWorld itself, InfoWorld's Technology of the Year Awards have always been about change. We keep an eye out for the platforms and tools pushing against the barriers in application development, mobile, cloud computing, and in other corners of information technology, and we bring them in for review. At the end of the year, we get together and decide which are the very best.

    26 Jan. 15 22:11 Written by Doug Dineley
  • FeedHenry uses Node.js to fortify mobile apps

    A few years ago, the mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) seemed to be the likely answer to the huge challenge of creating groups of mobile applications that work together and integrate with enterprise data. In hindsight, MEAP systems, which typically combined a back-end server and middleware stack with a client application, seem excessively expensive and heavyweight.

    04 Sept. 14 00:39 Written by Martin Heller
  • PaaS shoot-out: Cloud Foundry vs. OpenShift

    Cloud Foundry shines with broad application support and stellar ease of use, but OpenShift has the edge in management and automation

    13 Aug. 14 20:06 Written by Martin Heller
  • Docker 1.0 is ready for prime time

    If you're on the lookout for an easier way to migrate apps and services from development to production, or from one server environment to another, then you may already be aware of Docker. The Linux container solution has made waves for a while now, even as it has been widely viewed as not quite ready for production. The Docker team has been working steadily at finalizing a release that it considers to be production ready, and it appears to have reached that goal with the introduction of Docker 1.0.

    09 June 14 23:38 Written by Paul Venezia
  • Nashorn: JavaScript made great in Java 8

    JavaScript on the JVM is better and faster but not always friendlier with Nashorn, the rebuilt JavaScript interpreter

    16 April 14 20:06 Written by Martin Heller
  • Google's tantalizing Mobile Chrome App SDK

    Mobile app development is a huge pain point for most enterprises. The debate still rages about the best strategy. Should you develop native apps for the major smartphone and tablet platforms? That's expensive and time-consuming, and it means hiring hard-to-find specialists for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and any other platform you want to support. Should you develop mobile Web apps? That is faster and cheaper, but sacrifices both performance and features. Should you develop hybrid mobile apps, combining native app shells with Web views? That still sacrifices performance in some cases, but recovers the most important features.

    12 March 14 14:18 Written by Martin Heller
  • Review: Google Chrome wants to be your OS

    The Chrome Apps architecture enables native-like apps, written in JavaScript with platform APIs, that load fast, run quickly, and work offline

    19 Feb. 14 11:06 Written by Martin Heller
  • Visual Studio 2013 reaches beyond the IDE

    Microsoft delivers editing, debugging, deployment, project architecture, and ALM improvements stretching from Windows to Web development, from mobile devices to clouds

    12 Feb. 14 21:09 Written by Martin Heller
  • Red Hat OpenShift delivers rapid app deployment, collaboration

    Platform as a Service is a cloud-based hosting environment for application development designed to provide a full-featured development, staging and production environment without the need for extensive in-house infrastructure.

    02 Dec. 13 13:31 Written by Susan Perschke
  • Firefox OS sputters on the ZTE Open

    The open source challenger is meant to be simple, but it crosses the line into the less than functional

    28 Nov. 13 21:32 Written by Galen Gruman

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