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  • ABC music mashup shows off the Semantic Web

    Until recently, the idea of a World Wide Web in which information and services are defined - the Semantic Web - has remained something developers aspire to rather than a reality. That is starting to change. Earlier this year, the ABC launched three new socially networked digital radio websites which aggregate content from several different sources, including MusicBrainz, YouTube, and Wikipedia. It is not only a new approach for a content-rich organisation such as the ABC, it is a working example of the possibilities of Semantic Web technology.

    11 Oct. 09 14:42 Written by Georgina Swan
  • Tabcorp wins gamble with shared services

    Tabcorp has increase staff productivity and consolidated and standardised IT platforms by migrating its finance, HR and procurement to shared services model.

    05 March 08 10:49 Written by Darren Pauli
  • Digging for the truth

    Jorge Villagran supervises one of the most important and sensitive projects in Guatemalan history: preserving and digitizing a massive trove of documents from the National Police files so that the country can gather evidence about human-rights abuses and bury the last vestiges of a brutal civil war.

    02 March 07 16:16 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • The well connected distributor

    Back in 1999, Avnet's senior managers realized things had to change. A series of acquisitions had left the electronic components distributor with a glut of applications and platforms whose lack of interoperability was complicating operations. That problem stood directly in the way of the company's new goal of providing e-commerce services to its clients and expanding the company beyond traditional order management and delivery. Making good on the e-commerce promise required consistent results for clients, no matter where they might be or what channel they used.

    27 Feb. 07 16:48 Written by Galen Gruman
  • Microsoft platform fosters 'heads up' banking

    Meridian Credit Union -- Ontario's largest credit union -- recently rolled out a range of new software tools that allow its tellers to look customers in the eye.

    13 July 06 11:05 Written by Nestor E. Arellano

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