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  • Developers at the heart of innovation

    In today’s technology driven and rapidly changing world, developers are at the heart of organisations’ future innovation endeavours. We’ve been hearing it for a while, but now more than ever the phrase ‘every company is a software company’ rings true.

    23 Jan. 19 11:38 Written by Sam Hunt, GitHub
  • Chrome to take ad blocking worldwide in July

    Google's browser targets what it calls 'disruptive' advertising and will expand blocking practices it's had in place in North America and Europe since last year.

    16 Jan. 19 06:04 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • GPU hackathon returns to WA

    Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is hosting a five-day ‘GPU hackathon’ to help computer scientists port applications to general-purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs).

    10 Jan. 19 10:08 Written by George Nott
  • How Microsoft lost the web

    Through a series of missteps and outright neglect, Microsoft essentially handed over the fate of its web browser – and its ability to shape the online world – to rival Chrome. The white flag of surrender was raised this month.

    29 Dec. 18 22:19 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • Contributing to the open source community is a win-win-win

    The open source community has played a key role in the software development industry ecosystem, promoting open collaboration and often maintaining a very low tolerance for compromise. While many enterprises initially snubbed their noses at the gang disrupting their cozy world of software commerce, the open source community has changed the way that the game is played.

    20 Dec. 18 08:00 Written by Rami Sass, WhiteSource
  • Atlassian adds postmortem feature to JiraOps

    Atlassian wants to make it easier for IT teams to better understand their responses to major software outages and keep track of lessons learned.

    18 Dec. 18 05:10 Written by Matthew Finnegan
  • Experience the future with AI-powered mobility innovations

    Your customers want more than a just great product. They want a great experience.


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