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  • Where's my single social stream?

    Years ago, everybody wanted their social activity unified into a single stream. Is the dream still alive?

    11 July 16 20:00 Written by Mike Elgan
  • How to end online harassment

    The wisdom of the crowd is showing the way to a harassment-free social Internet: Bring back the "walled garden."

    06 June 16 20:00 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Google+ gets the pivot of the year

    Google transforms its everything-for-everyone social network into a site that does one thing really well -- connecting supernerds.

    23 Nov. 15 14:15 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Why virtual reality is the next social network

    The first mainstream social virtual world came into existence last week. Oculus VR, the virtual reality company owned by Facebook, released an app called the Oculus Social alpha. But even as we gather and interact in virtual worlds, will VR really bring us together or just isolate us more?

    02 Nov. 15 14:00 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Social media - part 3

    We like our risk management, don’t we? It allows us to identify risks, and take action to mitigate them. Risk Management can and should be applied to social media usage. It makes good sense to manage the risk by having a very clear social media policy.

    12 March 11 10:00 Written by Breed Lewis
  • Social media - part 2

    Apart from the above example where it can be demonstrated that it improves productivity when we allow employees to use social media as a ‘diversion break’ from the concentration of their daily tasks, there are also the obvious benefits of ‘market intelligence”. By encouraging staff to get positive messages out there via Twitter, Facebook etc and also uncovering public opinion of your organisation that is being shared via social media, it is easy to see why organisations would permit and even encourage social media use.

    11 March 11 10:17 Written by Breed Lewis
  • Social media - part 1

    At three major IT service management conferences that I attended in 2010, social media played a big role in communicating the content, the mood and the social aspects of the conference. At two of these conferences, I witnessed and participated in lively discussions on whether companies should block social media in the workplace. Whether the presentation topic was on social media or not, there was obviously a desire to get this on the table for discussion. And it was heated – every time! Many people have strong views on this topic, so this paper will look at the current industry commentary, and discuss the benefits and the risks of allowing staff to use social media in the workplace.

    10 March 11 14:20 Written by Breed Lewis
  • Facebook phone: how to kill journalism in 10 easy steps

    God, I love the InterWebs. Years from now, scholars dissecting the complete disintegration of journalism in the 21st century will look back at us and say, what the frak? The example du jour: The Facebook Phone rumors, which were sparked this past weekend by TechCrunch and continue to burn.

    21 Sept. 10 10:01 Written by Robert X. Cringely
  • Why is Wikipedia such a men's club?

    You say you don't trust Wikipedia? Well, you can blame your lack of confidence on men, at least for the most part.

    07 Sept. 09 15:01 Written by Paul McNamara
  • IGF - IBM's unseen competitive weapon

    I started life in IT decades ago as a sales guy for a mainframe leasing firm attached to Greyhound --yes, the bus company. Greyhound Leasing and Financial actually wrote the first lease on an IBM mainframe, thereby creating a niche industry that included the lease and resale of new and used IBM mainframe hardware.

    03 March 08 10:07 Written by John Webster
  • A lifeline for Lotus

    January is a good time to hold a user conference, because there's not a lot of competition for anyone's attention. At any other time of year you might not even notice how Lotus is wilting.

    25 Jan. 08 08:30 Written by Shane Schick
  • On the Mark: Apple vs. IBM

    In late October, a buddy from my MacWeek days e-mailed me with this half-joking dig: "Apple's worth more than IBM. The Mac wins!!"

    27 Nov. 07 08:43 Written by Mark Hall
  • Shanghai breezes and the Big Blue Cloud

    While there wasn't anything ground-breaking about IBM's Blue Cloud announcement in Shanghai last Friday it was still significant.

    20 Nov. 07 11:02 Written by Joaquim P. Menezes
  • IBM sticks its head in a blue cloud

    Try pitching your "cloud" strategy to senior management and watch their eyes glaze over. Then tell them IBM is going to do it for you and watch their ears prick up.

    19 Nov. 07 07:27 Written by Shane Schick

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