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  • Penten smooths mobile security for spooks

    Australia is not renowned for producing homegrown security hardware, but Canberra-based company Penten is bringing to market a tiny device that promises big benefits, and significant cost savings, when it comes to secure wireless access to classified data and government networks.

    20 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Cyber risk: The next facet of business insurance

    With cyber security threats on the rise worldwide, companies have begun utilising traditional risk transfer mechanisms, like insurance, to try and mitigate cost impacts if a data breach occurs.

    16 June 17 13:00 Written by Len Kleinman, RSA
  • Westpac woes continue with second outage

    Just a day after resolving a major outage to its online and mobile banking services, Westpac Bank has suffered from another systems failure, this time affecting EFTPOS, ATMs and card transactions.

    15 June 17 10:02 Written by George Nott
  • Encryption in government’s crosshairs

    The federal government has denied it is interested in forcing companies that offer encrypted communications services to create “backdoors” to allow security agencies access. However, the prime minister and the attorney-general have indicated that they want to strengthen the ability to legally compel a company to assist with decryption.

    13 June 17 13:25 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Greens slam govt’s attack on encryption

    Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has criticised comments made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who said yesterday that companies such as Facebook and Apple should provide government agencies with access to encrypted messaging services.

    06 June 17 15:22 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Turnbull calls for security agency access to encrypted apps

    In the wake of the London terror attacks, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for “global social media and messaging companies” to provide access for security agencies to encrypted communications services.

    06 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • One year on, is Australia's cybersecurity strategy on track?

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched Australia’s cybersecurity strategy in April 2016, and more than one year on, there’s work to be done.

    05 June 17 09:13 Written by Ritesh Chugh (CQUniversity Australia), Asif Q Gill (UTS) & Leonie Simpson (QUT)
  • Immigration: ‘No date’ for Top Four cyber compliance

    ​The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has “no date” for when it will be compliant with the government’s mandatory ‘Top Four’ cyber security mitigation strategies.

    02 June 17 13:11 Written by George Nott
  • Chatbots: Opportunity and threat

    Chatbots are on the rise. In the first six months after Facebook introduced a bot API for Messenger, around 34,000 chatbots were created. They’re being used for a range of purposes, from engaging at the pre-sales point to customer support and troubleshooting.

    31 May 17 13:56 Written by Simran Gambhir, CEO, Ganemo Group
  • How Cisco combats fast-maturing cybercrime networks

    As Steve Martino approaches his 10-year anniversary as vice president and CISO at Cisco Systems, his job has morphed from treating security as simply a must-have to it becoming a strategic imperative for the company.

    30 May 17 23:54 Written by Stacy Collett
  • How can I tell if I’ve been hacked?

    Intrusion detection systems and firewalls that detect and prevent network compromise are critical elements in any secure network environment. But, let’s get real: Many people lack working backups and decent password controls, let alone dedicated defensive gear.

    29 May 17 09:23 Written by Nikolai Hampton