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  • The 10 must-have Safari extensions of 2017

    For most macOS users, Apple's Safari browser is their window to the online world. These add-ons can make the browsing experience even better.

    08 Sept. 17 19:59 Written by Matt Kapko
  • Famous malware threats: Where are they now?

    The headlines may be dominated by news of NotPeyta and Wannacry, but watch out for the ‘golden oldie’ malware like Conficker and Zeus. They are still dangerous.

    29 Aug. 17 23:12 Written by Doug Drinkwater
  • Stuxnet explained: How code can destroy machinery and stop (or start) a war

    Stuxnet is an extremely sophisticated computer worm that exploits multiple previously unknown Windows zero-day vulnerabilities to infect computers and spread. Its purpose was not just to infect PCs but to cause real-world physical effects. Specifically, it targets centrifuges used to produce the enriched uranium that powers nuclear weapons and reactors.

    22 Aug. 17 19:39 Written by Josh Fruhlinger
  • UK seeks to limit Brexit effect on personal data flows

    With a new round of Brexit negotiations beginning Monday, the U.K. is seeking to ensure that businesses sending personal information to or through the UK are not left stranded when the country leaves the EU.

    28 Aug. 17 21:33 Written by Peter Sayer
  • What is OAuth? What security pros need to know

    The OAuth open authorization framework allows websites and services to share assets among users. It is widely accepted, but be aware of its vulnerabilities.

    16 Aug. 17 20:00 Written by Roger A. Grimes
  • The best enterprise anti-virus protection may not be enough

    Ransomware and other threats often get through signature-based anti-virus protection, giving it a bad rap. However, anti-virus tools still play an important role in the enterprise security strategy.

    15 Aug. 17 20:00 Written by Maria Korolov
  • Social engineering: The basics

    Social engineering is essentially the art of gaining access to buildings, systems or data by exploiting human psychology, rather than by breaking in or using technical hacking techniques. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about social engineering, including the common tactics social engineers use and tips for ensuring your staff is on guard.

    03 Aug. 17 23:31 Written by George V. Hulme, Joan Goodchild
  • The 5 biggest ransomware attacks of the last 5 years

    Ransomware isn't new, but the last few years have seen a remarkable uptick in this particularly nasty genre of attack software. The attacks highlighted here show how it has grown from a curiosity and an annoyance to a major crisis.

    01 Aug. 17 19:33 Written by Josh Fruhlinger
  • Why SSL/TLS attacks are on the rise

    As more companies adopt better encryption practices, cyber criminals are turning to SSL/TLS vulnerabilities to deliver malicious attacks.

    02 Aug. 17 09:10 Written by Fahmida Y. Rashid
  • The dark web goes corporate

    It's just as shady and dangerous as ever, but something has changed in the way the dark web does business, and it will look very familiar to IT buyers.

    20 July 17 19:45 Written by Josh Fruhlinger
  • Closing the CVE gap: Is MITRE up to it?

    Critics say the The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) program, managed by MITRE, is falling far behind in its mission to catalog and identify all known vulnerabilities. Its defenders say a new model is closing that gap.

    10 July 17 20:00 Written by Taylor Armerding
  • Mingis on Tech: The language of malware

    When it comes to tracking down the bad actors behind malware and ransomware, cybersecurity firms are turning to linguists.

    12 July 17 20:00 Written by Ken Mingis, Fahmida Y. Rashid
  • With new dynamic capabilities, will whitelisting finally catch on?

    In this age of destructive and fast-spreading malware, companies are giving whitelisting a second look -- and with cloud-based, peer-to-peer whitelists and reputation scoring, the technology now has a chance to be widely adopted.

    19 June 17 21:19 Written by Maria Korolov
  • How to stop wasting money on security shelfware

    Investing in security tools that end-up on the shelf or underutilized is not inevitable, and it can be reduced or even eliminated by some proactive and surprisingly simple first steps.

    14 June 17 20:00 Written by Doug Drinkwater

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