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  • How college CIOs brace for back-to-school (with video!)

    To some, the job of a higher-education CIO might seem downright cushy. After all, unlike their corporate counterparts, these IT leaders don't have to answer to shareholders, cater to business-line leaders or survive acrimonious mergers.

    17 Aug. 15 20:34 Written by Cindy Waxer
  • Network infrastructure cost optimization services can save millions

    <em>This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.</em>

    14 Aug. 15 07:29 Written by By Pete Lorenzen, General Manager of Networking Services, IBM
  • A common theme in identity and access management failure: lack of Active Directory optimization

    From the vantage point of most people, even technical folks, Active Directory (AD) seems like it's doing pretty well. How often can you not log in when you sit down at your PC? How often do you fail to find someone in the corporate directory in Outlook? How many times have you heard of an AD outage?

    06 Sept. 14 06:07 Written by By Jonathan Sander, Strategy & Research Officer, STEALTHbits
  • Meet Cobol's hard core fans

    Some of the world's largest businesses say their Cobol application infrastructure, running on state-of-the-art big iron, still delivers a powerful competitive advantage. The challenge going forward will be staffing it.

    21 Aug. 14 20:39 Written by Robert L. Mitchell
  • University CIO helps boost graduation rates with analytics

    Brian A. Haugabrook, interim CIO at Valdosta State University in Georgia, deployed analytics tools that enable faculty and staff to identify students who need extra help. The effort paid off with higher graduation rates.

    09 June 14 20:36 Written by Mary K. Pratt
  • With Gundotra out, changes likely for Google+

    Now that Google's Vic Gundotra, a senior vice president and the head of Google+ is leaving the company, changes are likely afoot at the social network he championed since its inception, industry analysts said.

    25 April 14 21:05 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • The Grill: Rotary CIO Peter Markos

    Peter Markos, CIO and general manager for Rotary International, contends with challenges ranging from authenticating a constantly changing list of users who need to access Rotary's systems to enabling applications that work for a vastly diverse membership.

    24 March 14 10:37 Written by Mary K. Pratt
  • Career Watch: The rise of people architecture

    In managing human resources, people architecture is gaining popularity, says IT workforce analyst David Foote. He explains what it is and why it's on the rise.

    24 March 14 10:37 Written by Jamie Eckle
  • CIO not the only one to blame for Target breach

    That someone had to take the fall for the massive breach at Target is neither surprising nor unexpected. The only question is whether more heads will roll in the aftermath of one the biggest data compromises in retail history.

    05 March 14 21:27 Written by Jaikumar Vijayan
  • Tips for speaking like a business strategist

    You know technology cold, you understand the business, and you're ready to step up to a senior IT leadership position, but can you communicate all that to the C-suite? Here's how other CIOs got their voices heard.

    10 Feb. 14 11:38 Written by Tracy Mayor
  • Microsoft's new CEO and his first-100-days plan

    Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, had better hit the ground running with a plan for his first three months on the job, corporate strategy and branding experts said today.

    05 Feb. 14 12:17 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • How Microsoft should roll out the new CEO

    Don't expect Microsoft to put its new boss -- whoever it is -- in front of reporters right off the bat, a public relations expert said today.

    13 Jan. 14 19:18 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • 3D printing is IT's next big challenge

    If your organsation is looking into 3D printing, IT can't afford to sit on the sidelines until it starts to look real.

    13 Jan. 14 11:36 Written by Bart Perkins

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