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  • 12 "White Hat" hackers you should know

    These "White Hat" security researchers are ethical hackers whose discoveries and inventions shake things up — as they try to stay one step ahead of their underground "Black Hat" cousins…

    20 Feb. 17 13:15 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • ​Australia and New Zealand leading the Software-Defined datacentre revolution

    The trend of Australia and New Zealand being early technology adopters, combined with the fact we’re used regularly as the test bed for global organisations trialling new solutions and systems, places us in a perfect position to demonstrate the potential magic such revolutionary technologies can bring to businesses.

    22 March 16 11:14 Written by Craig Waters
  • How college CIOs brace for back-to-school (with video!)

    To some, the job of a higher-education CIO might seem downright cushy. After all, unlike their corporate counterparts, these IT leaders don't have to answer to shareholders, cater to business-line leaders or survive acrimonious mergers.

    17 Aug. 15 20:34 Written by Cindy Waxer
  • Network infrastructure cost optimization services can save millions

    <em>This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.</em>

    14 Aug. 15 07:29 Written by By Pete Lorenzen, General Manager of Networking Services, IBM
  • It's SysAdmin Day: Let us celebrate with coffee

    Ross Derewianko is a systems administrator for <a href="">Ping Identity</a>, a maker of cross-platform identity management and security software. We spoke to him on <a href="">SysAdmin Day</a> to get his thoughts on the holiday and on his job.

    01 Aug. 15 04:30 Written by Jon Gold
  • Woman recruited by Google four times and rejected, joins suit

    There was something about Cheryl Fillekes that Google really liked. Over a seven-year period, Fillekes was contacted by Google recruiters four different times for jobs. In each case, she did well enough in the phone interviews to get an invitation for an in-person interview.

    22 July 15 06:49 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Google Capital likes CrowdStrike for endpoint protection

    Next-gen endpoint protection vendor CrowdStrike has landed $100 million in new investments to beef up sales and engineering and continue its push to make anti-virus software obsolete.

    18 July 15 07:15 Written by Tim Greene
  • Startup Barkly touts light, fast endpoint protection

    <a href="">Barkly</a>, a startup in endpoint security, has now banked enough investment money to keep it going for two more years and plans to launch its first products sometime in late 2015.

    25 June 15 05:24 Written by Tim Greene
  • What outsourcing engagement model is right for you?

    Outsourcing should be a strategic partnership, not a simple hand-off of duties to a third-party. Getting that right requires smart preparation.

    05 June 15 10:47 Written by By Serhiy Haziyev and Halyna Semenova
  • Beyond Alerts: Using orchestration to realize network self-healing

    Managing modern networked systems and applications is daunting because infrastructure is complex and things can go wrong in so many parts of the technology stack -- servers, storage, network devices, applications, hypervisors, APIs, DNS, etc. How can you address the challenge?

    05 June 15 06:26 Written by By Ernest Mueller, APM Product Manager, Idera Software
  • Google killing PageSpeed website service

    Google has alerted users of its <a href="">PageSpeed Service</a> for making websites zippier that it will be killing off the tools as of Aug. 3.

    08 May 15 04:25 Written by Bob Brown
  • IDC's state of the network at Interop: Change, or be left behind

    The confluence of mobile, social and big data trends are driving a tectonic transformation and businesses that do not change with these trends will be left behind, analysts from research firm IDC said at Interop 2015.

    30 April 15 04:07 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Samsung Portable SSD T5: Picture This - Light and fast portable storage

    Storage is always a problem for photographers, find out how the Samsung Portable SSD T5 can solve this


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