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  • Furniture maker uses NAC gear for more than NAC

    When Chad Clement joined worldwide office furniture maker Haworth 18 months ago, he discovered the company needed to get a handle on network security.

    03 Oct. 08 10:38 Written by Tim Greene
  • The smell of WAN acceleration

    Glen Dalgleish, vice president of infrastructure services at global perfumer Coty, well remembers why he and his staff had implemented WAN acceleration technology last January: to improve download speeds for some 6,000 users world-wide.

    12 Sept. 08 11:03 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Better BI: Boyne Resorts

    BI projects are frequently driven by the demands of executives who want to scour dashboards to analyze sales and other business trends. But at Boyne Resorts, the company's BI directive was marshaled by its CIO.

    02 Sept. 08 09:29 Written by Thomas Hoffman
  • Open source telephony new star at TV producer

    When TV production company FremantleMedia Australia had an opportunity to move to IP telephony during an office refurbishment, the open source Asterisk proved itself to offer everything required and more for the 150-plus handset deployment.

    26 June 08 14:00 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • City water plugs leaks with CMS

    City West Water has reduced maintenance costs, eliminated paper based reporting and increased responsiveness with an integrated job management system and a new fleet of Next G handsets.

    04 April 08 12:32 Written by Darren Pauli
  • Nevada prison looks to WAN acceleration for IT upgrade

    Faced with extremely remote desert locations and a complete lack of network infrastructure across the stark landscape, IT workers with the Nevada Department of Corrections needed to connect 24 prison facilities around the state.

    30 May 07 09:31 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • Advanced network monitoring supports remote offices

    Highly distributed organsations run their IT systems on a managed services provider (MSP) model -- supporting numbers of offices dispersed over a geographic area. Mark Scott, president of The Utility Company, says the best model for this combines advanced network monitoring with a franchising system, such as that used by Dunkin' Donuts. His company is an MSP serving a growing population of small companies -- "five-person PR firms, 30-person law offices" -- across North America from its Ottawa, Canada, base.

    30 May 07 09:00 Written by Bert Latamore
  • VOIP freeing colleges from wired phones

    With wired phones dying off at colleges, IT executives on campus are looking to VOIP and unified communications platforms as ways to meet the needs of students and faculty using wireless devices.

    05 April 07 15:20 Written by Tim Greene
  • WAN optimization: Money for nothing, clicks for free

    WAN optimization technology is a way to save money -- take that to the bank. For instance, U.S.-based custom machinery manufacturer Curt G. Joa, avoided the cost of adding a server to its German office by installing WAN-acceleration gear from Silver Peak.

    17 Jan. 07 12:50 Written by Tim Greene
  • Wireless LANs reach next round

    Wireless LANs have grown in the workplace -- in size, number of installations and technology maturity -- to the point that many IT managers now expect to expand the uses of their networks in a new round of investments within the next year or two.

    27 Dec. 06 08:00 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Savvis chooses Cisco for network upgrade

    Savvis is spending US$33 million to replace the two aging networks connecting its data centres with a single IP backbone featuring Cisco core and edge routers.

    20 Dec. 06 10:29 Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan
  • Komatsu shifts IT up a gear

    Mining and construction distributor Komatsu Australia is overhauling its application infrastructure to drive efficiency and keep pace with more modern technology.

    18 Dec. 06 08:00 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Shaklee chooses Virtela for global expansion

    Imagine being the IT director faced with this problem: Your company has just been bought by a private equity firm that wants to take the operation global. You need to upgrade a 10-year-old network, but you don't know what countries you'll need to support or when you'll need to support them.

    29 Nov. 06 09:59 Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan
  • College swaps IPSec for SSL

    The Contra Costa Community College District in California discovered its IPSec VPN gave outside vendors too much access and caused too many support headaches, so it switched to SSL VPN technology and wound up saving money to boot.

    16 Nov. 06 15:29 Written by Tim Greene

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