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  • Turnbull: ‘The internet cannot be an ungoverned space’

    “Terrorists and extremists” cannot be allowed to use the Internet and major social media and messaging platforms to “spread their poison,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the Liberal Party’s 59th Federal Council over the weekend.

    26 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • South Australian govt funds work on RevenueSA ICT

    The South Australian budget, handed down yesterday, earmarks $1.96 million for improvements to RevenueSA’s core ICT, in addition to $534,000 for work on its RIO system (RevenueSA Information Online).

    23 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Government moves to implement NBN subsidy

    The government has introduced legislation to implement the so-called ‘NBN tax’: A levy on superfast broadband services that will help subsidise services on the National Broadband Network that would not otherwise be commercially viable.

    22 June 17 15:36 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Vodafone, CCC call for end to ‘black hole’ of USO

    Vodafone and the Competitive Carriers’ Coalition have repeated their calls for the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation scheme to be scrapped in the wake of yesterday’s report on the USO by the Productivity Commission.

    20 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Penten smooths mobile security for spooks

    Australia is not renowned for producing homegrown security hardware, but Canberra-based company Penten is bringing to market a tiny device that promises big benefits, and significant cost savings, when it comes to secure wireless access to classified data and government networks.

    20 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Review calls for CIO at Queensland’s electoral commission

    There is an “urgent need” for the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) to invest in technology, including potentially appointing a permanent chief information officer, an independent panel scrutinising the conduct of Queensland’s 2016 local government elections has concluded.

    15 June 17 13:54 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • The Future State of the CIO - A Case of ‘Career Is Over’ or ‘Career Is Opportunity’?

    Can the rise in importance of technology and data to enterprises mean that the ‘CIO to CEO’ route will finally open for more business technologists? What are the new skill sets that are necessary? And which elements of the old role can be safely jettisoned? Find out more in this insightful whitepaper.


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