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  • Sydney promoted as Asia Pacific digital hub

    The NSW government is keen to promote Sydney as an Asia-Pacific digital hub. The government used CeBIT to launch the initiative — a showreel will showcase NSW digital strengths during CeBIT Australia, the Vivid Festival and globally.

    31 May 11 16:54 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Will World of Warcraft drive ISP IPv6 adoption?

    Whether IT networking boffins like it or not, one of the biggest drivers toward IPv6 adoption may turn out to be Blizzard’s massively online multiplayer monolith, World of Warcraft (WoW).

    10 May 11 12:35 Written by Tim Lohman
  • Telcos fight to retain business in digital world: ACMA

    New research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) suggests consumers are reaping the benefit of greater telecommunication and media competition caused by the internet.

    17 Jan. 11 15:29 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Sony asks for restraining order over PS3 hack

    Sony Computer Entertainment has launched legal action against five hackers who recently released a set of tools that allows illegally copied games to run on the PlayStation 3 game console.

    13 Jan. 11 06:26 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Black Ops' total kill count has surpassed the planet's population

    It's been less than three weeks since Activision's "Call of Duty: Black Ops" went on sale. The game quickly broke entertainment sales records, with worldwide revenue of US$650 million during its first five days in stores. The game's online component is wildly popular, with hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously logged in to battle each other, and is creating some big numbers of its own.

    29 Nov. 10 05:24 Written by Martyn Williams
  • Top ten most influential of 2010: E-health

    Each Friday until the end of the year, <i>Computerworld Australia</i> is revealing one of the top ten most influential people, technologies and trends that shaped 2010 in Australia.

    26 Nov. 10 10:38 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Nintendo loses grip on handheld gaming, drops into loss

    Nintendo reported a 2.01 billion yen (US$24.6 million) net loss for the six months to Sept. 30, as its sales of hardware and software dropped, the company said on Thursday. It sold 42 percent fewer handheld game consoles than a year earlier.

    29 Oct. 10 04:39 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • The technology behind games development

    Despite a lack of attention in past years, the Australian games development industry is increasingly punching above its weight and is contributing more to the economic prosperity of the country than its profile would suggest. According to the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA), the industry body responsible for growing the profile of the Australian interactive game industry, the sector is a dynamic and sophisticated one driven by strong creative and management talent, advanced technology, and 30 years’ games development experience.

    21 Sept. 10 09:43 Written by Tim Lohman
  • Abbott not aware of R18+ games issue, but will review if elected

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott tonight said he would be happy to examine the issue of an R18+ classification rating for video games if the Coalition won the upcoming Federal Election, although he admitted he did not know there had been a debate on the issue.

    12 Aug. 10 07:29 Written by Renai LeMay
  • Hands on: Google App Inventor for Android

    Google's new App Inventor for Android comes with an ambitious goal: Allow anyone to create simple apps for their mobile phone. The tool, still in invitation-only beta, offers a graphical drag-and-drop programming interface instead of requiring that apps be written in Java.

    03 Aug. 10 02:06 Written by Sharon Machlis
  • Sony back to profit on Bravia, Vaio, PS3 strength

    Sony returned to profitability in the second quarter, helped by strong sales of key products, prompting it to raise its profit outlook for the full year on Thursday.

    29 July 10 03:52 Written by Martyn Williams
  • In Brief: LAI Games taps into local talent

    Singapore based gaming developer and manufacturer, LAI Games, has announced the expansion of its operations with the opening of its second facility in Australia.

    21 July 10 12:56 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • 3D coming to Adobe's Flash

    Adobe Systems has started work to bring 3D to its Flash platform, and will preview the technology at the company's upcoming developer conference in October.

    10 July 10 05:12 Written by Agam Shah
  • Developing for the iPhone and Android: The pros and cons

    Smartphones and their apps are the new way of the world, and developers are lured by their increasing popularity. But with two major platforms - Apple's recently upgraded and renamed iOS 4 and Google's Android - competing with one another, how does a developer choose between them?

    07 July 10 02:30 Written by Jonathan Hassell
  • Australian Gamers often hit by DoS attacks

    Irate online gamers including those from the popular World of Warcraft game are taking revenge on rivals by launching cyber attacks to disconnect them, according to Internet Service Provider (ISP) Internode.

    01 July 10 07:56 Written by Darren Pauli