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Work smarter: Make better use of your data
By Sage | 23/2/2018

Tips on overcoming 3 common challenges of information overload to increase business insight and visibility

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Accelerate time to business value with HPE Synergy and HPE Pointnext
By HPE | 1/9/2017

The digital economy—today and into the future

Today’s enterprises are experiencing increasing pressures that are disrupting their traditional business model. If customers do not address these pressures and evolve, they may risk the loss of market share, revenue, decreased stock prices, and more.

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We Are Your Cyber Army
By Paraflare | 4/7/2018

“Today, no company is safe from the everchanging threat landscape.” In fact, businesses are frequently exposed to new software bugs and vulnerabilities. And while evidence suggests that organisational responses are not just predicated on prevention, the key is how quickly we react to an event or breach – and thus reduce the amount of dwell time of potential cyber criminals.

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Beyond the Password
By Data #3 | 15/8/2017

​This paper explores how enterprises can move beyond the password (something the user ‘knows’) to an intelligent authentication process that eliminates the risk of weak and vulnerable passwords. It works by cross-validating with other authentication methods like a physical item such as a token or smartphone (something the user ‘has’) and/or a personal attribute like a fingerprint or retina scan (something the user ‘is’). Two-factor (2FA) authentication and multifactor authentication (MFA) are now possible with intelligent authentication across corporate software, Cloud services and smart device apps.

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Strengthen your defenses against cybercrime
By Mimecast | 18/8/2017

Operating and securing a business in the cloud can be hard. The rapid evolution of cyberthreats, inevitability of technical failure, and potential for human error are risk factors that organisations simply can’t ignore. These risk factors can cause irreparable damage like business disruption, lengthy downtime and data loss. Plus, the complexity and cost involved with addressing these

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