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Benefits of Machine Learning
By CDM | 12/7/2018

As threats have grown more sophisticated, they’ve developed the ability to evade available detection tools and strategies. Machine learning can be useful in identifying advanced persistent threats, but this requires an understanding of the relationship between data features as well as knowledge of the malware landscape to be truly effective. The optimal approach uses an APT solution that is hardened by machine learning coupled with next-generation analysis, in order to sustain precise and responsive detection of current and future generations of threats.

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Top IT Considerations for PDF Solutions
By Adobe | 24/8/2018

When selecting an enterprise PDF solution, there are many factors to consider. While perceived license savings are attractive, a sound decision weighs price against hidden costs and potential compromises to your business.

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By Nexon Asia Pacific | 29/8/2018

Just like any business, non-profit organisations are increasingly conscious of the need to engage with digital technology to compete in today’s service driven and customer-centric environment. This is needed to help them run as efficiently as possible to deliver the highest care and support to their clients. Read more about Cerebral Palsy Alliance's journey of digital transformation

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Tap into the Workspace
By Barco Systems | 13/11/2018

More often than not, our best ideas don’t come when we’re sitting in front of a computer. They arrive when little distractions allow our thoughts to wander from the task at hand. These ‘little distractions’ are what many large enterprises see as the catalysts for collaboration. And it’s why we’re seeing dramatic changes in workspace design.

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Accelerate you Business with Electronic Signatures
By Adobe | 12/12/2018

Electronic signatures are the way businesses get documents signed and close deals faster. Today, e-signature solutions have evolved to encompass much more than just collecting signatures electronically - leading solutions automate the entire process, from document creation and assembly, to collaboration and execution, to archiving.

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