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  • Oracle is changing how it reports cloud revenues — what's it hiding?

    Oracle is changing the way it reports its all-important cloud figures every quarter. Where the database vendor used to report two cloud revenue segments: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as one and then a combined figure for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as another, smaller, figure, now it is reporting just one figure.

    25 June 18 11:13 Written by Scott Carey
  • Flinders Uni turns to cloud solution for identity management

    South Australia’s Flinders University has deployed Okta’s cloud-based identity management system to provide single sign-on for staff and student access to more than 70 university applications and to streamline on-boarding of students.

    21 June 18 13:45 Written by Stuart Corner
  • DocuSign taps Azure for local hosting

    Digital signing company DocuSign has installed its software in three Microsoft Azure data centres in Australia – in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra – to enable it to meet the on-shore storage requirements of Australian government customers.

    19 June 18 11:57 Written by Stuart Corner
  • ‘Small amount’ of password-related data stored as plaintext, PageUp says

    Australian HR SaaS provider PageUp has confirmed that on the “balance of probabilities” it believes that “data relating to our clients, placement agencies, applicants, references and our employees has been accessed” during a security breach that the company revealed earlier this month.

    18 June 18 14:04 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Cloud of confusion: Security in the cloud

    In today’s world, CIOs are continuously having to evaluate whether their data is safe and secure. Why? Well, with several high-profile data breaches in the past few months, organisations are now firmly directing their attention to securing and safeguarding their data.

    13 June 18 00:01 Written by Jordan Griffiths, Accenture
  • Rinnai seeks efficiencies through automating CPQ

    Rinnai Australia says it expects its reps to cut the CPQ — configure, price, quote — process from days to hours by using Salesforce Quote-to-Cash for sales of commercial hot water systems.

    07 June 18 13:52 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • How open source supports CERN's Large Hadron Collider

    The 27-kilometre-long Large Hadron Collider (LHC) buried beneath the France-Switzerland border near Geneva is best known for helping to prove the existence of the Higgs' Boson particle - otherwise known as the God particle - crucial to the Standard Model of particle physics.

    04 June 18 08:35 Written by Tamlin Magee
  • Chef CEO: We want to be like Salesforce

    Barry Crist, the CEO of software automation specialist Chef wants his company's software to be as critical to enterprise customers as Salesforce has become to many.

    28 May 18 09:04 Written by Scott Carey
  • Forget Windows; Microsoft is now all about the cloud

    In the space of less than a week in late April, two events made one thing very clear about Microsoft: The company is now pursuing a cloud-first strategy, with Windows taking a back seat. And that will continue as far into the future as the eye can see.

    17 May 18 09:06 Written by Preston Gralla
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