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  • Kundra takes leave, Google raises privacy flags

    Well, at least the issue is not unpaid taxes this time -- but Vivek Kundra, the brand-new, first-ever federal CIO after just a few days on the job is already on a leave of absence after the office of the Washington, D.C., CTO was raided by federal agents. Kundra had been the District's CTO before President Barack Obama appointed him the nation's CIO. In other news, Google peeved privacy advocates by announcing a behavioral advertising program and separately saying it is testing a new service that will transcribe voice-mail messages and make them searchable.

    16 March 09 08:54 Written by Nancy Weil
  • Training review: Linux Essentials

    The Linux Essentials course held at New Horizons Learning Centres catered to students new to Linux. And the first thing one learns is that working with a nice-looking GUI -- as is the case in the Windows environment, where pretty much all the students come from -- is not high on the agenda in the Linux operating system. Rather, students are taught to befriend the console from the outset. Windows may unfortunately be associated with the blue screen of death, but it seems Linux, with the console, has the black screen of joy.

    22 Aug. 03 09:12 Written by Howard Dahdah
  • Study guide freebies

    Need a little help studying for certification exams? You can find a treasure trove of free study guides for Cisco, Linux, Microsoft and Unix certifications at the Global Document Database.

    11 Nov. 02 10:06 Written by Amy Schurr
  • Rebalancing your life

    Until just a few weeks ago, I thought rebalancing was only something you do to your tires or investment portfolio. That's before I heard about a book on work-life balance.

    06 Sept. 02 09:39 Written by Amy Schurr

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