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  • UPDATED: Australian PC market slumps in Q1

    Australian consumers delayed or skipped buying new PCs in the first calendar quarter of 2013 as tablet computers rise in popularity, according to new IDC research. The PC market pain is also likely to continue for the rest of the year with IDC predicting a decline of 15 per cent this year over 2012.

    13 June 13 15:00 Written by Byron Connolly
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M71e tower PC

    The Lenovo ThinkCentre M71e is a mini tower PC with a classy design that's not at all boring for an office. Indeed, it has a little more flair than a typical business-class machine (although some may argue this) and, most importantly, it possesses good speed and adequate connectivity.

    20 Dec. 11 15:29 Written by Elias Plastiras
  • Apple iMac (mid 2011, 27in)

    The Apple iMac has received some power and performance upgrades since its last model in mid-2010. It’s now got a second generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, some beefy graphics power and customisable options for plenty of memory and hard drive space. Not much else has changed, however.

    20 May 11 11:40 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • Dell Inspiron 560 desktop PC

    Dell's Inspiron 560 is one of the company's cheapest desktop PCs. The configuration we tested comes with very basic specifications, but includes a 18.5in Dell monitor -- so it's a simple computing package that doesn't require you to buy any extras. We think it's a reasonable system for basic use, but it's made less attractive by the existence of slightly more expensive models that are significantly more powerful.

    09 Dec. 10 14:10 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • Dell Inspiron 580s desktop PC

    The Dell Inspiron 580s is a mid-range multipurpose desktop PC that's in direct competition with Apple's low-end Mac Mini computer. The Inspiron 580s has the same price tag as the Mac Mini and comparable specifications. It's larger than the Mini, but it is bundled with a 20in LCD monitor for no extra cost. It runs Windows 7 Home Premium and is designed to be used for basic home computing tasks like Web browsing, word processing and viewing photos.

    04 Nov. 10 15:40 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • HP Pro 3130 (WL831PA) business PC

    The HP Pro 3130 (WL831PA) is a desktop business PC that's small, quiet and simple, but lacks the grunt to tackle intensive tasks like video editing or graphics work. If all you need is a Web browsing and word processing machine then it will be up to the task.

    01 Oct. 10 16:40 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • Intel to put Westmere desktop chips in servers

    Intel has tweaked its chip road map, with plans to extend its upcoming Westmere mainstream desktop dual-core chips with integrated graphics processors to entry-level servers.

    04 Sept. 09 05:52 Written by Agam Shah