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  • 23 July 2003 17:00


Hotspot Global, the world’s first genuine solution for Global Roaming across wireless Internet networks, has recently been launched in five countries around the Asia Pacific region.

Brisbane, Australia – July, 2003 – Recent media reports on the viability of WiFi providers have highlighted an inability to roam across Hotspots, however, new Australian technology is attracting global interest.

“WiFi must to be absolutely pervasive. If you have to change your routine just to connect, or if you cannot connect at all, you are just not getting the level of service you should demand from your provider”, said Mr Michael Whitehouse, CEO of Hotspot Global. “Most WiFi Hotspots do not meet the real needs of roaming users, therefore the industry faces reform before it can expect mass uptake of the services”.

Hotspot Global, the world’s first comprehensive clearing house for data transactions, fulfils on the market’s two greatest needs; a single bill for customers and a consistent user experience across all Hotspots.

Service providers that are currently deploying hotspots have assumed the market will accept legacy models similar to mobile phone roaming. The reality with mobile phones is that customers do not roam across networks until they travel overseas. The localised nature of WiFi and the types of devices used are vastly different to voice services therefore a different roaming capability is essential to stimulate customer uptake.

Hotspot Global provides a thin layer of technology at member Hotspots that provides a consistent experience for users at every location. Currently homes, offices and public locations like cafés are being installed with the technology therefore a user roams to each location and receives the same service every time.

Mr Whitehouse said, “Customers needs are not being supported simply because WiFi is a revolution in communications, not an evolution of older technologies.

By centralising the expensive network infrastructure and creating a larger pool of available customers and locations Hotspot Global enables an international network that is affordable for users and more profitable for providers. The technology cuts the cost of Hotspot deployment at the same time of providing better roaming.

"Our vision is to enable mobile Internet users to benefit from a high quality and competitively priced roaming wireless Internet service at locations throughout the world." explains Michael Whitehouse, CEO of Hotspot Global. "Through Hotspot Global our members will be able to offer their customers access to the largest cross-border Wi-Fi network world-wide."

While the Hotspot technology is important, it is not the key to success. The fundamental requirement is the roaming across as many locations as possible, and making that roaming a familiar experience every time.

After the launch in Australia, Hotspot Global has developed a track record of success by providing a standard for delivering WiFi in over 100 locations. While the rollout has already commenced, up to 1500 locations will be installed by June 2004 in Australia alone.

Current engagements with 15 Hotspot providers, in five countries across the Asia Pacific region, have proved the need for a centralised clearing house to solve the needs of service providers to be able to offer global roaming services. Hotspot Global announcements of regional engagements are expected within the next fortnight.


Hotspot Global is the world’s first clearing-house for wireless Internet networks. It enables the creation of a global network that lets mobile Internet users connect at any Hotspot Global location. No matter who provides the hotspot at that location the user will experience the same look and feel, and exceptional level of service.

The proliferation of WiFi hotspot networks worldwide, provided by Wireless Infrastructure Providers, ISPs and telephony operators, have created the necessity for a global learing house capability to support roaming across these disparate networks, thereby allowing the industry to achieve critical mass.

Hotspot Global does not operate wireless Internet hotspots and nor does it have its own subscriber base. Its role is to “Enable Seamless Global Roaming for Mobile Internet Users across any Hotspot Global Member Network”. Hotpot Global’s clearinghouse model means that members do not have to engage in, and manage, a multitude of bilateral agreements with other service providers.

The company’s web site is located at For further information please contact Mike Whitehouse, CEO, on +61 7 3032 3032 (Australia).

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