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  • 31 March 2004 09:34

Unisys launches Communications Ensemble for telcos

Advanced communications platform enables telcos to rapidly offer services to their customers and create new revenue streams

SYDNEY, 31 March 2004 - Telecommunications companies (telcos) can now respond more quickly to customer demands, deliver enhanced services to drive customer retention and increase revenues, thanks to Unisys Communications Ensemble. Ensemble is a new integrated communications platform that allows telcos to offer productivity-enhancing services to their subscribers.

Unisys Communications Ensemble includes an extensive set of applications that support services currently in demand by customers. These include voice-controlled messaging, e-mail reader, voice-activated dialing, voice Web access, and visual voicemail on a handset. Its open standards structure means that new services, perhaps as yet unimagined, can be quickly introduced.

“Telcos have been telling us that what they need is a platform that lets them introduce the services that their customers demand, quickly,” says Stuart Hartley, Managing Partner Communications & Media, Unisys Australia-New Zealand.

“The telcos in Australia and New Zealand are surrounded by challenges such as predicting new services for changing customer demands and the speed with which these services can be introduced to customers. If telcos can’t meet these challenges quickly, they will lose their competitive edge and deliver lower returns to investors.

“Unisys Communications Ensemble brings all the technical resources together so that telcos can deliver these services rapidly whilst taking advantages of the lower cost of Internet Protocal (IP) connectivity. It makes the telcos light on their feet. It means that telcos can match the changes in the customer lifestyles that drive the adoption of telco services, even when these services are unpredictable and in many cases short-lived.”

Key Ensemble Components Unisys Communications Ensemble integrates multiple operating systems, applications and networks to create new communications retail services. Ensemble components can be used separately or with each other, allowing telcos to link technology from different vendors to create new user services.

More specifically: * Unisys Open Standards Platform (OSP) lets telcos meet the demands of their diverse users quickly and cost effectively. The use of industry-recognised standards such as Java Authentication and Authorisation Service (JAAS), VoiceXML, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and .NET lets telcos build unique connections between existing and new applications for customers.

* Unisys VSE500 is a specialist server and associated software that lets telcos service millions of end users.

* Communications Media Module (CMM) is software that allows telcos to develop low cost multimedia solutions over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. By supplying simultaneous connectivity to services via IP or circuit switched networks, telcos can easily migrate traffic between networks with no impact on users and in turn embrace VoIP networks for mass-market services.

Unisys has a long history of serving the telecommunications market. Telecommunications companies in more than 40 countries rely on Unisys technology and more than 135 million voicemail subscribers worldwide generate revenue for Unisys clients using Unisys solutions. Many Unisys clients have in excess of 10 million mailboxes on networked platforms.

About Unisys 3D Visible Enterprise Unisys, together with our clients, is building and delivering the vision of the future for IT and business services. Unisys systems rely on a proprietary methodology called 3D Visible Enterprise which looks at every facet of a company, providing insight into cause-effect relationships between vision, operations and the IT systems that support them.

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