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  • 27 June 2019 16:08

Microsoft Started Selling Remaining Stock of Huawei Laptops

Microsoft Store has listed the MateBook 13, the MateBook, and the MateBook X Pro laptops from Huawei on the market for sale.

Executive Order from American President Donald Trump to put Huawei in the Entity list of the Department of Commerce was disastrous for Huawei and many other companies. With this decision, all of the American companies would have to sever the business ties with Huawei to comply with the Executive Order. After the issuance of the order, Microsoft removed the Huawei manufactured laptops from the Microsoft Store and denied any statement on the reason for removal. But as of now, Microsoft had listed the Huawei Laptops back on the Microsoft store after immediate removal a few days ago.

Although the Matebook X Pro is not available for purchase as the status is listed as “Out of Stock”, but all other laptops are available for purchase. Microsoft kept mum while removing the Huawei laptops from the Store, but has shared a statement on the addition of the laptops back to the Store. According to the Spokesperson from Microsoft, the legal team was assessing the terms and conditions of the Entity List from the US Department of Commerce and found that they can sell the existing inventory.

As Microsoft has already stocked up the laptops in its inventory, it is perfectly legal for them to sell the Huawei Laptops, even if the company is barred from trading in and with US-based companies. When asked to Microsoft Spokesperson about the Continuation in the stocking and selling of the Huawei laptops, they said that the company would only clear out the current inventory and not stock the new laptops. Due to the regulations, Microsoft will not be able to provide Windows OS license to Huawei, and that’s why the company has postponed the launch of new Windows-based Laptops.


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