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  • 20 July 2018 18:40

Still Image Market: The Idiotic And Impressive Future In Imaging Technology

Global Still Image Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Threats, Trends, Applications, and Growth Forecast to 2026

A static image of a movie or video that is a kinetic or moving image is called a still image. These are also classified as a still image, still image, video prompt, preview, or misleading thumbnail. Computer-aided still images are developed using a still-image application programming interface. Devices used in the programming of still image applications include still-image digital camera, hand-held scanner and flatbed scanner. Still images are used due to the presence of various components in advertisements, which allows a greater impact on focus when viewed. Visual communication is critical and an effective tool for conveying ideas and messages on social media platforms.

The global still market is segmented by product type, application and region. Visual content is increasingly being used as a tool for marketing campaigns and initiatives and serves as a major factor in the growth of the global still-image market. Another important factor driving the growth of the global still-picture market is the increasing marketability of still photography in social media around the world. The development of new business models due to the increasing use of visual content in brand advertising and evaluation are the main drivers for the growth of this market. In addition, still-image technology is gaining in popularity in criminal investigation to identify suspects. This should continue to drive some of the growth of the global still-picture market over the forecast period. Also, the increasing use of premium still images for design, advertising, brochures, invitations, and product / brand advertising, etc., is expected to continue driving the growth of the target market to a significant extent over the forecast period.

Major factors hindering the growth of the global still-image market include time-consuming procedures for obtaining informed consent for shots and images, and obtaining appropriate licenses for stills and videos. Low return per image is another important factor hindering the growth of the global still-image market.

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