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  • 19 July 2018 21:34

Quantum Dot Display Market- How It Developing The Digital Market

Global Quantum Dot Display Market Trends, Applications, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast: 2017 to 2026

Quantum dots (QD) are very small semiconductor particles, only several nanometres in size, so small that their optical and electronic properties differ from those of larger particles. The color light emitted by a quantum dot is directly related to its size, and smaller dots appear blue, while larger dots are more red. In a liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen, quantum dots are applied as a means to eliminate the need for white light-emitting diode (LED) backlights and color filters. Combination of varying sizes of quantum dots emit narrow band of frequency spectrum of light along with better and high-quality resolution. Another major benefit of quantum dots is improved color accuracy. The light produced by quantum dots is highly dependent on dot size, thereby permitting very fine tuning to emit the exact kind of light needed, which translates to much purer, cleaner whites and more precise colors.

Increasing demand for consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and ultra HD TVs is a major factor driving growth of the global quantum dot display market. Devices and products with quantum dot technology are comparatively more energy-efficient than LED and OLED displays, and offer more vibrant colors and higher brightness. These new and innovative features are contributing significantly to increasing demand, which is a major factor contributing to overall growth of the market. Owing to the lifelike picture quality of quantum dot displays, these devices are being steadily adopted for home and office video door answering systems. Furthermore, application has been increasing in the packaging industry to monitor automated processes, and in the healthcare sector for patient monitoring as well as to monitor security camera feeds.

Some major factors restraining growth of the global quantum dot display market include high costs of system, stringent government regulations on use of cadmium and other heavy metals in electronic displays and various other products. A recent trend in the global quantum dot display market is rising adoption in tablets, smartphones, and TVs owing to superior color and clarity, and higher brightness levels, and improved user experience.

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