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  • 18 May 2018 14:13

NSW Pushes New Surveillance Technology Against Mobile Use Whilst Driving

New South Wales government is looking into speed-camera-style technology to decrease road accidents caused by illegal use of mobile phones.

From 2012 to 2017, there have been 184 reported road accidents in New South Wales that involved mobile phone use, despite it being illegal in Australia. This caused seven deaths and 105 injuries.

In February, there was an incident reported of a 22-year-old man who took his eyes off the road to check his phone for 20 seconds. He injured two policemen who were setting up a random breath test. One of the police officers had part of his leg amputated because of the accident.

Road safety experts are shocked at the lengths drivers would go just to hide their phones whilst driving. Drivers are often surprised when they get caught as they claim it was unusual for it to happen.

The New South Wales government is looking into speed-camera-style technology to catch violators in the act. A fully licensed faces a $330 fine and demerit points if caught using their phone whilst driving.

However, fully licensed drivers are allowed by law to access their phone to play music, answer calls or use navigational apps if the use of the devices is in a commercially approved cradle.

These changes to the driving rules and enhancement of surveillance technology are ultimately for everyone’s safety.

“Smartphones and tablets, when used the right way, can add a lot of convenience and enhance the driver’s experience. Therefore, we come up with products that allow drivers to enjoy their phone’s features whilst staying safe and compliant with the law,” says Chris Ryan, CEO of Strike Group Australia.

Strike Alpha Car Cradles offer legal and hands-free mounts for your device. These phone-specific cradles are designed to securely hold and charge your mobile phones whilst giving you safe and convenient access. Strike Alpha car mounts minimises distractions and are fully compliant with Australian road laws.

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These cradles by Strike Alpha provide drivers the freedom to access their mobile phones without being reprimanded. However, road safety should always be a priority for all drivers.

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